Claude Monet - Wisteria 1920

Wisteria 1920
1920 149x200cm oil/canvas
Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College

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From Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin:
This large, broadly painted canvas depicts a garland of wisteria that arcs across the surface as if suspended from the upper framing edge. It is one of nine remaining paintings intended to serve as a decorative frieze for the cycle of water lily murals that Monet offered to the French government following the First World War.
Monet's home at Giverny, now a national museum, is famous for its luxurious flower and water lily gardens. During the 1890s the artist began to develop and cultivate the nearby water lily pond, and by the end of the decade had conceived of a vast decorative scheme based on that motif. Although the next fifteen years were taken up with several series of smaller paintings, the idea of a large-scale decoration was not discarded.